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About El Al Virtual

El Al Virtual is based at Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel. We mirror Israel's national airline, and we are proud to carry our flag on our tails to Europe, Asia, North America! We also have codeshares with various other VA/VOs within the Infinite Flight Community, thus expanding Israel's connections to the world!

Our Team

The El Al Virtual staff team includes professional and responsible individuals who are ready to help you at any time. Our team follows the implementation of their direct duties and offers ideas for improving El Al Virtual.

Our Hub

Located on the northern outskirts of the city of Lod and just under 30 miles northwest of Jerusalem, Ben Gurion International Airport is our home. This airport allows us to serve our destinations, and its stunning views make it a wonderful place to fly in and out of.

Our Dedication

El Al Virtual is dedicated to making the pilot experience as professional and enjoyable as possible. We like to uphold the highest possible standards within our Virtual Airline, and, although we are not directly affiliated to El Al Israel Airlines, we have created one of the most realistic virtual airlines within the community.

Get Featured

Do you have a photo of an El Al aircraft in Infinite Flight? What about one of our codeshare aircraft? Whatever it is, share your pictures in the #screenshots channel in our Discord Server and have the chance to be featured on our Instagram!

What El Al Virtual Can Do For You

A common question we receive is "what now?" We want to help guide you through some of the fantastic and high-tech features we offer, so you will never be stuck wondering what to do! Of course, never feel afraid to contact us for help!

Explore The World

El Al Virtual has codeshares with over 15 other Virtual Airlines in the Infinite Flight Community allowing you to explore the virtual world in a whole new way.

Fly Realistic Flights

Using Infinite Flight, a top mobile flight simulator, mirror real-world flights from our vast selection of routes derived from El Al's and our codeshare partners' flights!

Turn On The Jets

Get your engines fired up to fly with El Al Virtual in our realistic environment!

Take A Shot

Whether you are a novice or experienced pilot, the staff at LYVA is always there to support and help guide you through your journey.

Who's Flying?

Are you ready to join one of the best virtual airlines within the Infinite Flight Community?

Approved by the IFVARB on June 1, 2020, El Al Virtual strives to be a leading virtual airline within the Infinite Flight Community. We want the best for our pilots and have many sensible procedures in place to make that happen.

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Don't take it from us, take if from them! See what some of our pilots have to say.

I’ve always felt at home in this group. The staff are some of the friendliest people I have ever met, and the routes have allowed me to explore many beautiful places I otherwise may never have visited. As well as this, the group maintains strong activity and there is never a time where this group feels dull.


LYVA Pilot

Compared to other VAs, LYVA is easygoing and friendly. Other VAs try to be too professional, and therefore it feels automatic and robotic. LYVA is professional, but to the point where the atmosphere is warm, and you enjoy your experience.


LYVA Pilot

“I joined LYVA in September, the moment I joined the Discord sever, I knew that I’ve found the right VA. Everyone has been so kind and it was amazing to find like-minded aviation enthusiasts who love (and hate) the same things as me. LYVA has an awesome, warm community and it’s something you can’t find in any other VA.”


LYVA Pilot

When I first joined El Al virtual the first thing I noticed was how warm and welcoming the VA is. The VA quickly became one of my favorites. They Have an amazing rank system and route network which makes flying for them a joy, but the thing that stands out the most for me from other VA’s is the level of activity and engagement which make it the amazing community it is.

Will T

LYVA Pilot


Get in touch with us! We are heppy to help every single one of you. Please contact us in any of the ways listed below, and we will ensure a timely response to your inquiry. Thank you for choosing El Al Virtual!

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