El Al Virtual Website Manual

posted by Zac Penson on 2020-07-18

Written By: Zac Penson, Chief Operating Officer
Edited By: Zachary Friedman, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer

We know you have a lot of choices in choosing between virtual airlines, so we thank you for choosing El Al Virtual! We have plenty of changes coming your way with this new website so please take the time to read through this article to familiarize yourself with the website.

Section 1.07: The Schedule

The new schedule will be found on the website, no need to go to any external website to access it. Went on the schedule you’ll see the ability to search by airline, by the airport, or by flight number. This will make finding flights much smoother and it will give you all the options rather than you having to look through every single one of them.

Section 1.13: Booking and Filing Flights

Filing place has always been important so you get your hours. Now we are adding a new way to make virtual money. We would like to note that this money is not real and it is 100% fake. Each flight can only be booked once per day and all reservations reset at 12:00 AM Eastern standard time. If you are not the first one that’s taking that specific flight that day, you will not get the dispatch page. All flights must be filed under “Manual PIREP”. Even after you use the dispatch system.

Section 2.13: Awards

On the awards page, awards will be given out to our pilots once a month for the pilot of the month. They will be recognized on that page. If you would not like your name displayed on the website, please PM any of the staff on Slack.

Section 2.47: Sending And Receiving Messages

A cool thing about the new software is that you have the ability to send and receive messages just like Slack. This will not be replacing slack. This is an extra way to send messages to all of us who work as staff and other pilots in the virtual airline. No inappropriate or unacceptable talk is allowed on any El Al Virtual chat. In compliance with the IFVARB rules and regulations, you may not take any screenshots of the chat without permission from all other participants of the chat.

Section 3.17: Staff Controlled Portions/Pages

Zack, Hunter, Zac, Jared, and Ethan are here for your convenience and will help in any way that you need. Zack, the CEO is always monitoring the whole system to make sure everything is running smoothly. Zac, our HR Manager will be validating flights, so please make sure that you are still filing flights the correct way because they will be rejected if not correct. Areas that are staff monitored: News, Awards, About Us.

Section 3.71: LYVA Rules And Regulations

These are the rules that every LYVA pilot must consent to:

1) My goal here at LYVA is to be respectful and create a safe environment for everyone. I expect no trolling or poor behavior from anyone and it isn’t tolerated whatsoever.

2) At LYVA, we strive to be realistic and create an environment that is similar to that of real pilots. With that being said, my staff and I have decided that the best way to do this is to have our pilots start their next flight their they left off.

3) Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself! If you have any other questions, any of the Head Staff are always around and you can reach out to any of them whenever!

Section 4.09: Virtual Pay

The virtual pay is $0.87 US Cents Per Mile. To reinstate, the pay is not real money, just money for fake.

Section 4.51: Ranks

Just like every other virtual airline, we have ranks. Here is the ranks you need to be able to fly each aircraft.

Second Officer: At El Al Virtual, all pilots begin as a second officer. This rank allows our pilots to fly out the smallest aircraft, the 737-800. Luckily, this aircraft serves a variety of destinations, so our pilots can enjoy the beautiful views of East and Western Europe.

First Officer: After 30 hours of flying with us, you will move up to the First Officer! At this rank, pilots unlock the 737-900ER. This aircraft not only expands on the beautiful views of East and Western Europe but also opens up routes to places such as snow-filled Russia!

Senior First Officer: Once our pilots reach 70 hours with us, they are now able to fly our long-haul routes with the Boeing 777-200ER and the Boeing 787-8. What a great way to explore the unknown.

Captain: Once pilots reach 150 hours with us, our flagship 787-9 will be unlocked. In addition to our dedicated aircraft, they get to fly the Atlas Air 747-400, a subsidiary of El Al that operates for El Al Cargo.

Senior Captain: After 500 hours with us, you will El Al Executive which opens up the TBM9 and C750. The rules and conditions will be specifically explained when you reach this rank. To put it simply, you must either start or end your journey in Tel Aviv, but you can fly private jets wherever you want. You CANNOT use this as a form of airport changing.

Section 5.0: Have Fun

Thank you for reading the manual, now enjoy flying with El Al!